Hi there! My name is Alona

I’m a last year business and psychology student at SFU. I am outgoing, open, and love adventures. On my free time I like reading, hiking, snowboarding, knitting, dancing, playing guitar, and baking. I love structure and spontaneity at the same time, and I like my things organized. I came to Canada from Russia in 2014 to go to high school in Vancouver and just loved it here! This many years later, and I still can’t get enough. My apologies in advance for any grammar issues, English is my third language after all. I hope you find this website useful with helping you study well!

Why am I doing this?

I want to share study tips, habits, and techniques that are based on various psychology principles to help my fellow students study efficiently and effectively. There are ways to study smartly without letting school work devour your life. It is possible to get good grades, have social life, sleep well, and have a fulfilling life. I learnt it the hard way but hope you won’t have to. Studying more is not always better, the trick is to know how to do it well.

I remember my first year at university very well. Increasing expectations, responsibilities, and many changes in my lifestyle made the transition from high school to university overwhelming. I simply didn’t know where to start or how to succeed in my courses.

As I strived for good grades, I tackled different ways of studying without any guidance or direction. With no understanding of what I was doing, it took me a long time to adjust to an academic life. After years of experiments with different study techniques and studying various psychology principles I finally started to get it, only later than I wanted to. I soon realized that I had gone years through different levels of academia without ever being taught of how to study well, as had many other people.

I’ll be sharing tips, concepts, and techniques that I wish I knew in my first years of university. It would have saved me a bunch of points on my cumulative GPA for sure. Some of which I was sadly unable to bring back up even after years of high academic performance. My first tip: take care of your GPA from the beginning. Once you accumulate a certain number of credits (or courses), it is hard to bring it back up.

So, here we are! You can find tips for studying, transitioning, scheduling, battling procrastination and more in the blog section.

If you are struggling with studying, want me to cover specific topics or have suggestions, leave a comment or send me a quick message using this form and we can get it up here!

I will be sharing my own knowledge and experiences with studying and secrets to studying faster. Everybody is different, so not everything that worked for me will work for every person. You know yourself best, so use these concepts to try out different methods and find what works for you!

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