Is your unconscious sabbotaging you?

Think of a time when you needed to complete a task but procrastinated instead. The time when you knew full well you’d delayed something until the last minute and still did not want to do it. The experience of procrastination was probably very overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting. You also might have found yourself asking: “WhyContinue reading “Is your unconscious sabbotaging you?”

Enhancing memory with mnemonic strategies

If you are looking for strategies to improve your memory, you’re in the right place! Our brains process new information on a daily basis. There are times when having extra reinforcement using proven techniques to retain information is helpful. Mnemonic strategies, also called mnemonic devices, are strategies serving to help remember facts and increase theContinue reading “Enhancing memory with mnemonic strategies”

Know what is exam worthy

You are new to university life, and everything is exciting but confusing at the same time. The amount of information and resources you receive in your first couple of weeks of classes can be overwhelming. So, where should you even start? It is crucial during this time to create a system for ourselves to navigateContinue reading “Know what is exam worthy”

Improve your reading comprehension

Many people dislike reading but let’s face it, most courses we take will require us to go through lengthy textbooks, lists of academic papers, research, etc. This means that we will spend a good chunk of our study time reading. So, it is important to know how to extract key information in our readings. ThereContinue reading “Improve your reading comprehension”

How can our morning routine help our productivity?

Our morning can make or break our productivity for the day. From the moment we wake up, the things we do next set our mood and motivation for the rest of the day. The start of the day is like a blank page. We get to write the story of our day however we want-Continue reading “How can our morning routine help our productivity?”

Developing effective study habits

In my third year of university, I took a first-year psychology course. I was pleasantly surprised to see effective studying techniques as one of the first topics we learned about. I soon realized that I have gone years through different levels of academia without ever learning how to study well, as have many other people.Continue reading “Developing effective study habits”

How can professor reviews help you study?

One of the things that I wish someone told me back in my first year is that you can look up what your professors are like when choosing classes. Restaurants, trips, etc. all have platforms where customers leave comments about their experiences in those places. This helps future customers to make their decision on whetherContinue reading “How can professor reviews help you study?”